Monday, February 19, 2018

Little Mermaid Ballet

I believe I talked about Wednesday and it being really crazy. Thursday was going pretty good until I get a phone from my oldest daughter. She’s crying hysterically saying her boss has fired her. I’m in the park and kids are screaming and she’s crying. I think she ate a bunch of chocolate that night. 
So Friday we had tickets to see the Little Mermaid Ballet. I had bought them a month earlier and we had been really looking forward to this. I’ve never taken my girls before because they have never expressed any interest. I go at least a couple times a year, (I would like to go more) but it’s just not in the budget. After Act1 they were telling me how much they liked it and wanted to come again. They both were looking in the program and found a musical next month. Tickets are relatively cheap $35 so I’ll see if I can swing it. So Anyhow, at the end of Act2 these dancers come out, holding a young little “mermaid” Ariel,  and hold her up to the light. It’s like a bright light from the heavens that shines down into the ocean. The ballet is over and everyone is clapping. Both of my girls are like “what was that for?” They are both yapping in my ear. I’m like “girls it’s just symbolic. She was a young Mermaid in the ocean and now she’s on land Married to the Prince.” I guess that one thing at the end tripped them up because it wasn’t like the story. We will have to come to more things. 

On the way home we stopped at the Pinkitzel Cupcakes and Candy Shop. We were down in Bricktown and we very rarely go down there. So we got some candy and picked out some cupcakes. We picked one out for my husband, because if we don’t bring him something we will get yelled at. So we had lots of fun playing at the candy shop. We get home and Eden is asleep and we put her candy and sweets up. We showed my husband his cupcake and he literally flies off the handle. This time about how he doesn’t need to be eating sweets and how dare we bring home some 800 calorie cupcake. Oh I’m soooooo sorry we thought of you. If we wouldn’t have brought you anything you would have thrown a fit as well. The girls went to their rooms and I put my headphones in and watched a movie on the iPad. I mean really how dare he? We didn’t have to bring you anything. 
The next day we had 3 basketball games. After the first one we got the cupcakes down. I ate some of the frosting and it wasn’t that sweet. I wanted the cake though. I tore it apart and it had chocolate sauce inside it. I’m like really? My cupcake is ruined. In the trash you go. I hate filling in donuts and cupcakes. Especially on cupcakes,  because there’s enough frosting on the top. We all ended up throwing ours away. That was a waste of $3.75 per cupcake! They do have an awesome candy and taffy selection though. I believe every piece of candy we bought was consumed lol.

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