Monday, November 28, 2016


Thanksgiving this year was a little different. We spent the beginning of the day at home and then traveled back home. We haven't been there in years. We spent all weekend there on the farm. The girls enjoyed it. They got to spend time with their little cousin, go four wheeling, ride the horses, target practice, and just do kid stuff. Our oldest wanted to go to the casino for the first time. So we all took her. The great grand parents watched the little ones. She lost most of her money. She wasn't happy and said she doesn't want to go back. So it's safe to say we don't have a gambler on our hands. All in all our holiday went well. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I don't go shopping very often. When I do it's just for grocerys. My daughters wanted to go clothes shopping, because they have their yearly clothing allowance from the Chickasaw Nation. They are Native American from their father and this is one of their benefits. I am truly thankful for this! 

So each year, before our shopping trip, we strategically plan where we are going to go and make sure there are sales and coupons for each store. This year just happened to be the start of Black Friday sales. So it was super awesome! They ended up getting tons of clothes and my younger two even got 4 pairs of shoes each. I was even able to get new winter jackets 50% off at children's place. Super awesome! They are set until summer. And we just went through their clothes and I don't think they will need anything then either.  So we are good! 

So by the end of the day yesterday I was really tired. I even came home and helped my middle daughter clean her room and organize the closet. Today we went back to town because my oldest needed a dress for a date. We also got some last minute Thanksgiving items came home and cleaned the house. I am beyond tired. It's been a busy two days! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Moving Forward

It's been awhile I know. I dropped off the face of the earth for awhile. So I will fill you in. When my youngest was 8 months old my husband deployed for 10 months. This was very hard on the family. We virtually had no help. Everyone who said they would help us while he was gone did not. My legs gave out from underneath me twice and actually went numb. My Dr said these were relapses. I had IV steroids to help with this. The only person I had to rely on was my 16 yr old(at the time). This put undue strain on her. When my husband returned home from deployment there was a transition phase. This was hard on us as well. It takes time to get used to civilian life again. Things were crazy for awhile. I got really sick again about 6 months later. My body was just in turmoil from all the stress. My husband and I then started a workout routine and I was doing pretty good for awhile. But then life happens. He got transferred to a new unit and wasn't able to come home as early and help me with workouts and I got lazy. So last year I bought a Fitbit and started walking. My MS Dr said my legs were getting weaker and I had to keep moving. This past year has been exhausting. My youngest daughter is so hard to keep up with and at times is a trying child. I want to pull my hair out with her.... literally. I seemed to have hurt myself last summer on vacation. Apparently when I went down one of the water slides at SeaWorld I did something to it. All for one day of fun I was sent to 6 weeks of physical therapy. Yeah!!!!! Oh and a pain Dr I am so sick of this!!! Which by the way....the pain Dr is a quack. I seen him once and have never seen him again. I only seen the PA's. I don't even know what this man looks like. And his wife is crazy. She works there also. She came in the room one day and started doing yoga poses in front of my husband. Not just any yoga poses.... I mean ass up in the air in front of his face poses..... seriously. This chic is cray cray. So anyways, I got released from physical therapy and they said there's is nothing else they can do for my back. I have done everything they have told me to do. It's still screwed up. All from a slide? I have no clue. I have hurt it before when I fell, but it never hurt like this. I've also been trying to go back to work for about 5 months now. I graduated college back in 2012 with an MBA. I swear every time you mark disabled on your application they throw it in the trash. So now I'm just trying to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas.