Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Tree

So this weekend we decided to put up the Christmas tree. My husband got everything down from the attic for me. However, the manger (nativity scene) and some ornaments and other lights were missing. After much prodding he went back up there and comes back down with the manger. I have no idea where the remaining items are at. We ended up putting the old tree up instead of the light-up tree, because he brought it down first. I told him it was the wrong tree. It is smaller and wobbly. However, the upper part of the light-up tree ended up having something happen to it last year and we had to fix it. So after Christmas when sales go on for trees, I will buy a new tree for next year and put it up in the attic. 

As I mentioned earlier we couldn't find some of the lights. We have a lot of lights. Indoor and outdoor lights. The indoor lights are small and I use them for the nativity scene and also on the old tree. All my husband could find were the outside lights that were larger. Some were these white corded lights which we had on our porch at our first apartment together in 2003. We actually used them on our house for a few years after we bought it. Then my husband never put up lights again. If he puts up lights he tends to not take them down and we are the family with Christmas lights on the house in July..... 

So after an eventful afternoon the tree was finally up. I watched Bedlam (OU Sooners vs OSU Cowboys) the two Oklahoma teams battle it out on the football field. My Sooners won and I watched my husband get mad. We are a house divided. Lol 

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