Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I don't go shopping very often. When I do it's just for grocerys. My daughters wanted to go clothes shopping, because they have their yearly clothing allowance from the Chickasaw Nation. They are Native American from their father and this is one of their benefits. I am truly thankful for this! 

So each year, before our shopping trip, we strategically plan where we are going to go and make sure there are sales and coupons for each store. This year just happened to be the start of Black Friday sales. So it was super awesome! They ended up getting tons of clothes and my younger two even got 4 pairs of shoes each. I was even able to get new winter jackets 50% off at children's place. Super awesome! They are set until summer. And we just went through their clothes and I don't think they will need anything then either.  So we are good! 

So by the end of the day yesterday I was really tired. I even came home and helped my middle daughter clean her room and organize the closet. Today we went back to town because my oldest needed a dress for a date. We also got some last minute Thanksgiving items came home and cleaned the house. I am beyond tired. It's been a busy two days! 

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